Sunday, March 19, 2017

Parable of Two Houses

One man said, “My realtor sold me a two-story house. He told me one story before I bought it and another story after I bought it.” Jesus told a story about two houses, which explains a truth about two types of people.

The wise person built his house on a rock foundation, while the other built on a sand foundation. Both houses were fine for a while, but then a storm came. “The rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew, and burst against that house (Matthew 7:25,27). The storm came from above (rain), beneath (flood), all sides (winds). The house built on sand collapsed and “great was its fall” (v.27), but the house built on rock withstood the storm. Here are three observations about this parable:

1. Both people built houses but the difference was where they built. The wise person built his house on a rock foundation and “dug deep” (Luke 6:48) because he prepared for the future. The foolish person only thought about enjoying the present and built on sand because it’s much easier to sink posts into sand.

2. Both houses experienced the same intensity of the storm. The rain, floods and wind hit both houses. Just because you’re a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean you will escape trials. God will give you the grace and strength to endure the storm.

3. Both builders heard the words of Jesus, but only one obeyed. (7:24,26) Think about it this way: Jesus told both of them to build their house on the rock (Himself), but only one obeyed and did it. And that’s the point. Many people disobey what Jesus clearly said to do. They attend church but they live immoral lives. Jesus said you will know true believers from unbelievers by the fruit they produce (7:17-20).

Shady real estate agents (false prophets--7:15) will try to sell you sandy sites to build your life. Don’t listen to them. Jesus said the person who doesn’t obey Him will one day be destroyed. But the one who hears and obeys will stand. Are you obeying what Jesus said?
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