Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not "HOW" but "WHO"

One of the greatest hindrances to faith is trying to figure out HOW God will answer your prayers. Quit asking yourself “HOW is this possible? HOW will God provide for me?” HOW does God perform miracles?” We think if God will simply explain everything to us ahead of time that it will increase our faith. It won’t.

When a blind man begged Jesus to give him sight, he didn’t ask Him to explain HOW He would do it: “Before you heal me, could you please tell me HOW you’re going to fix my eyes? It’s a problem with my optic nerve, isn’t it? Since you don’t have a scalpel, HOW will you get inside my head to perform surgery?”

Jesus didn’t reply, “Those are great questions that deserve an explanation. Here’s exactly how I plan to do the miracle and restore your sight…” Of course, Jesus never explained how He did miracles. He doesn’t want us concentrating on HOW our prayer will be answered but on WHO is able to bring it to pass.

When the angel Gabriel told the virgin Mary she would be pregnant with the Son of God, Mary asked, “HOW can this be, since I am a virgin?” Instead of explaining HOW, Gabriel answered WHO. “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you” (Luke 1:34-35). (If God Knows What I Need, Why Should I Pray? p.37,41).

So if you’ll stop asking HOW God will answer your prayer, and instead focus on WHO has the ability to do the impossible, you’ll experience peace as you learn to trust Him. ****************************************************************************************************

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