Saturday, March 17, 2018

Old Testament Credit Cards

I'm sure you've gone to a store and paid for an item using your credit card.  You walked out of the store with it even though it wasn’t actually paid for. Your credit card was a guarantee the bill would be paid sometime in the future.

People who lived in the Old Testament used their animals as credit cards. They sinned against God and needed to pay the debt, so they "charged" their sins on spiritual credit cards through animal sacrifices.  
They took their VISA cards (Very Important Sacrifice of Animals) to the Temple in Jerusalem where the transaction took place. The priests (the store clerks) sacrificed the animals on the altar (like scanning your credit card) and the client's sins were charged by faith to the future Messiah's account.

Millions of animals were sacrificed over the centuries but not one drop of that animal blood could ever wash away sins. “For it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins” (Heb. 10:4).  So why did God have them sacrifice so many animals? It was an object lesson for them. Without the sacrificial system, they would have never understood why Jesus had to die for their sins.

Jesus died on the cross as the sacrificial Lamb who paid for the sins of the world when they were placed in His body (John 1:29, 1 Pet. 2:24). When He said, "It is finished," He declared that the spiritual debt of sins had been paid.  He paid for your salvation but you must receive Him as Lord and Savior for the transaction to be completed. 
Have you asked Jesus to take away YOUR sins?

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