Sunday, June 4, 2017

Evolution Can't Explain This

You were probably taught in school that evolution is a scientific fact. It isn’t. It’s only a theory that takes a great deal of faith to believe. If you think evolution might be true, here are three things you must believe.

1. To believe in evolution, you must believe that life arose from non-life. Evolution can’t explain how this happened. Brilliant scientists have tried to create life in a laboratory with the purpose of proving life arose by accident—and that no intelligence was required to do it! But they’ve failed to make it happen.

2. To believe in evolution, you must believe that all life on earth originated from a molecule in a “primordial soup.” Isaac Asimov said, “Once upon a time…perhaps two and a half billion years ago, under a deadly sun, in an ammoniated ocean topped by a poisonous atmosphere in the midst of a soup of organic molecules, a nucleic acid molecule came accidentally into being that could somehow bring about the existence of another like itself.”

Evolution claims that all life on earth—every elephant and every ant, every fish and every bird, every person and every gnat, every tree and every blade of grass in the entire world came from this one molecule. It takes a great deal of faith to believe that a single molecule eventually produced every living thing on the entire planet.

3. To believe in evolution, you must believe every part of the amazingly complex human body coordinated itself by accident. All 206 bones, 600 muscles, respiratory system, circulatory system, etc. are fitted in the right places and coordinated to work together. This makes it an irreducibly complex system, meaning that each part is useless without being coordinated with the other parts. For example, take away the spring of a mousetrap and the trap becomes useless. All the parts of the human body had to come together at the same time, which can’t be explained by evolution.

There’s a better answer for how we got here. The intricate design of every living thing must have come from an Intelligent Designer. Your computer has many complex parts that work together as a unit, and you know an intelligent person designed and coordinated each part so that it can function. Even though you weren’t there to see the computer being designed and built, you have no doubt that someone, somewhere, made it happen. The same can be said for the human body.

Romans 1:20 says God’s “eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood through that has been made, so that they are without excuse.” Life on earth didn’t come from a primordial soup but a supernatural God.
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