Sunday, October 30, 2016

God Wants to Speak to You

Peter Lord was the pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida, for many years. A number of years ago in December, Peter was praying when God spoke to him, “I want you to construct a building where people can pray. As proof that this is My idea and not yours, I will send someone to the church that you don’t know who will give five hundred dollars toward the building. This will happen before Christmas.” Peter wrote in his prayer journal what the Lord had said but didn’t tell anyone.

A week passed. No one brought him any money. Two weeks went by, but still no answer. He started to doubt what he had heard. On December 24, a married couple from another city pulled into the church parking lot. They introduced themselves and said, “Pastor, you don’t know us, but when we were praying God spoke to us. He told us to come here and give you some money. We don’t really understand why we needed to drive here to give this to you, but we’re just being obedient.” The couple handed him a check for $500! (If God Knows What I Need, Why Should I Pray? pp.112-113).

This not only confirmed to Peter that he had heard from God, but it also confirmed to the couple they had also heard Him speak to them. The prayer chapel was constructed and has been used for many years as a place to intercede for others.

God wants to speak to you and lead you through this life, but are you listening? Do you know how to hear from God? To learn how God speaks and how to hear Him, read the NEW BIBLE STUDY: Does God Speak to People Today?
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