Monday, July 13, 2015

In the Line of Fire

A couple of men were in the wilderness when they found out someone had set a fire that was out of control. The winds whipped the flames toward them and they knew they could not outrun the fire. It looked like there was no way to escape and they would surely die.

One of the men prayed for wisdom. Then he pulled out a match and set the grass in front of him on fire. 
The other man said, “You fool! Now we’re surrounded by fire!”
The man said, “We won’t die. Wait until this fire burns down and then step over here on the burned-down place.”
“I still don’t understand what you are doing.”
“The burned-down grass is a safe place for us,” he explained. “You see, the fire cannot come where the fire has already been.”

The fire of God’s judgment fell on Jesus when He died for your sins on the cross. If you want to be safe from God’s judgment, you must stand where the fire has already fallen—for the fire cannot come where the fire has already been. Jesus has already paid for your sins, and when you receive Him as Lord, you will be safe on the Day of Judgment. The fire cannot touch those who stand with Him.

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