Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Following Jesus by Not Following Jesus

When I first became a Christian I was told that I needed to “follow Jesus.” I wondered, "How am I supposed follow Jesus when He isn't physically on earth anymore?" I found the answer in Mark 5.

A man was so possessed with demons that he could break chains that were used to bind him. Jesus cast the demons out of the man into a herd of pigs, which rushed over a cliff and into the sea. As Jesus was getting into the boat to leave, the formerly demonized man begged to go with Him.

Jesus wouldn’t let him go. Instead, He said, “Go back home to your own people and report to them how much the Lord has done for you and how He has had mercy on you” (Mark 5:19). Jesus knew he could make a bigger impact by sharing his testimony back home rather than going with Him. The man was following Jesus by obeying Him—and not by physically following Him.

How do we follow Jesus today? By obeying God’s Word and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, who indwells all true believers. You don’t have to become a missionary in a foreign country to follow Jesus. You can do the same as this man—share Jesus where you live right now with the people you already know. If everyone would do this we could evangelize the world in a matter of days.

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