Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Invisible Fence

My friend installed an invisible fence around his property to make sure his dog wouldn't run into the street and get hit by a car. He buried an electrical wire around the perimeter of his property. A small box sent out a signal to a receiver in the dog's collar. If the dog walked near the boundary line the collar vibrated, which warned him to back away. If he ignored the warning and kept going, he received a small electrical shock, which turned him back. The invisible fence taught his dog where he couldn't go.

God uses two types of invisible fences.
First, He puts a conscience inside everyone. “The Gentiles (unbelievers)…show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness [to right and wrong], and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them” (Rom. 2:14-15). Adam and Eve crossed the invisible fence to look at the forbidden fruit. When people continue to override their consciences nothing will bother them anymore—even torturing and killing others. They’ve become “seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron” (1 Tim. 4:2) and are heading for the shock of their lives.

Second, the Holy Spirit who lives inside every believer convicts us of right and wrong. He speaks to our hearts to guide us on the right path and warn us when we’re going the wrong way. But He also empowers us to live for Him. His warnings are not just trying to keep us from getting run over, but to keep us living in the area of joy and freedom. “For you were called to freedom, only do not turn your opportunity for the flesh” (Gal. 5:13).

When you walk in the Spirit, you won’t keep trying to sneak across the invisible line. You’ll enjoy living in the land of freedom so much that you won’t want to leave it.
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