Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sword First, then the Hand

Admiral Horatio Nelson was an English navy hero who twice defeated Napoleon's army. Whenever he won in battle, he always treated the enemy prisoners with dignity. After one of his victories, the defeated commander was brought on board Nelson's flagship for a formal ceremony where he would surrender his sword.

The man quickly walked across the deck and stuck out his hand for the Admiral to shake. Nelson held his hand to his side and refused to shake his hand. Then he said, "Hand over your sword first and then I'll shake your hand."

If we want to be at peace with God, we must first surrender our swords. When the commander surrendered to Admiral Nelson, he didn't keep fighting against him. He handed over the sword and was at his mercy. When we surrender to God, we quit fighting against Him and we do what He says. If He wants us to get rid of our anger or forgive someone, and if we say "no," we haven't completely surrendered. We must come to God on His terms. We must lay down the sword that we use against others.
Do you want God's hand of blessing on you? Hand over your sword.
Keep looking up!