Sunday, February 7, 2021

How to Forget God

In the days before cell phones, I read a story about married couple who were on a trip and stopped in Montgomery, Alabama to get gas. She walked into the convenience store as he filled up the car. After he had finished refueling, he climbed into his vehicle and continued driving to their destination.
Five hours later, he realized he had left his wife at the gas station! When he pulled into the next town, he asked police to help him get in touch with her, which they did. He embarrassingly admitted he hadn’t noticed her absence. Just imagine how she must have felt when she came out the store and the car was gone!
How could the husband forget his wife? Apparently when they were traveling, they didn’t talk to each other. If they had been carrying on a conversation, he would have noticed her absence if he turned to talk to her and saw her empty seat. But since they hadn’t been communicating with each other, it was easy for him to forget her.
That’s how we can forget God. If we aren’t regularly talking with God, we can easily forget Him. Deuteronomy 6:12 says “Watch yourself, that you do not forget the Lord.” We can forget God by widening the gaps in time that we talk to Him. Some people can go throughout the day and never talk to God or think about Him. One day without God stretches into one week, which extends to one month. Like the man forgetting his wife, we keep traveling down life’s road and we don’t even miss Him.
We will not forget the Lord if we’ll read His Word each day, talk to Him throughout the day, and remember to thank Him for every good thing He does.
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