Sunday, December 6, 2020

Where God Guides, God Provides

After I graduated from seminary, God led my wife and me to plant a church in Kansas. For a number of years we searched for property to build a church, all to no avail. One day I prayed, “Lord, Walmart had no problem acquiring land for their building. Where is the land for your church? Please show us where it is.”
Immediately “Eighth Street” popped into my mind. I went to a realtor in our church and asked him to find out if any property was for sale on Eighth Street.
A few days later, a member of our church told me, “Pastor, I dreamed last night that our new church was built on the south end of Eighth Street, on the west side.” I was shocked to hear him say “Eighth Street” because no one in the church other than the realtor knew we were looking there.
The next day, the realtor told me, “I found 25 acres of land on Eighth Street that just became available this week. People have been trying to buy this property for years but it hasn’t been for sale until now. It’s on the south end of Eighth Street on the west side.”
The property was the Eighth Street location the man had seen in his dream! He had no way of knowing we were looking on Eighth Street or that this property had just been put up for sale. God made it clear this was His will through three confirmations: 1) God spoke Eighth Street as the location 2) The open door—the property was put up for sale that week 3) the man’s dream confirmed the exact spot. The picture on the left is Cornerstone Church as it looks today.
During all the years we searched for land to build on, this property wasn’t for sale. But the day it went on the market, the Lord immediately told us where it was. We purchased the property at a bargain price and were able to construct the Cornerstone Church building debt-free. "Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass" (1 Thess. 5:24) . 
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