Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Worst Trip Ever or The Best Trip Ever?

When my wife Cindy and I went our 25th anniversary cruise, the crew waited on us like we were royalty. We ate gourmet food and watched entertaining shows every night. It was by far the best trip we ever took. 

One day the passengers had to gather at a certain place on the ship to disembark at our next stop. Everyone was waiting in line to go ashore but something caused a delay. After waiting thirty minutes, people started complaining. A grumpy man yelled, “This is the worst cruise I’ve ever been on! The service is terrible.” Then an elderly woman chimed in, “You can say that again. I’ve been on cruises much better than this!”

I whispered to Cindy, “Are we on the same boat as them? This is a trip of a lifetime, visiting tropical islands, away from work, eating the finest food, enjoying fantastic service and great entertainment, and all they can do is complain!” 

The problem wasn’t the food, service, or entertainment, but their ungrateful hearts. As they were complaining about their luxury cruise, God was looking at all the starving people in the world who would love to swap places with them and eat their gourmet food.

The Lord isn’t against going on a cruise, but He does want us to be thankful and to “do everything without grumbling and arguing” (Phil. 2:14 HCSB). Your attitude will make the difference between being on the worst trip ever or the best trip ever.

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