Sunday, June 24, 2018

How to Catch a Monkey

How do you catch a monkey? Monkeys can move quickly through trees, so to catch one you have to trap it. Here’s how. Hunters will cut a small hole in a gourd, just big enough for the monkey to fit its hand through. They’ll put candy or food inside the gourd and fasten it to a stake in the ground.

When the monkey smells the food, it sticks its hand through the hole and grabs the food. The hole is small enough to put an empty hand through but not big enough to pull a fist out. If it would simply let go, it could easily get its hand out and get away. But the monkey refuses to let go because it wants the candy more than freedom. The hunter comes up behind and captures it.

Many people today grab the bait in Satan’s trap. Although the bait varies, one of his favorite baits is called “offense.” The Greek word for offense is scandalon, where we get the word “scandal.” Jesus said, “It is impossible that no offenses should come” (Luke 17:1). Some people are wounded by someone’s comments or actions and refuse to let go of their hurt. They’ll keep mulling the offense over in their mind until the wound turns into bitterness. Because they refuse to let go of the situation that hurt them, they give up their joy and freedom.

Are you someone’s monkey? Are you holding on to hurts that keep you in bondage? The only way to be set free is to LET GO of it. But it’s not just offenses. It might be an addiction. If you’ll let go and release it into God’s hands, He will give you something much better.

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