Sunday, June 5, 2016

Preview Kent's New Book on Prayer

"I used to hate praying because I didn't understand how it worked. This book will change your understanding of prayer and how to do it correctly." --Kent Crockett
Ch. 1  What If We’ve Been Doing It All Wrong?
Ch. 2  The Four Purposes of Prayer
Ch. 3  Your Concept of God Determines Your Faith
Ch. 4  Able + Willing = Answer
Ch. 5  Not “How” But “Who”
Ch. 6  The Natural Realm vs. the Spiritual Realm
Ch. 7  The Object of Your Faith
Ch. 8  Unclogging the Pipeline
Ch. 9  When Will the Answer Come?
Ch. 10 Knock, Knock
Ch. 11 How Heaven Sees Prayers
Ch. 12 “In Jesus’ Name” Doesn’t Mean “Sincerely Yours”
Ch. 13 God Wants to Speak to You
Ch. 14 Why Prayers Aren’t Answered Like You Asked

                   PART 2: ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS
Ch. 15 If I Pray for Wisdom How Do I Know When I Get It?
Ch. 16 Why Does God Want Me to Pray for My Enemies?
Ch. 17 If More People Pray Is It More Likely to Be Answered?
Ch. 18 If I Pray Without Ceasing When Do I Sleep?
Ch. 19 How Are We to Pray in Restaurants?

Ch. 20 Praying to be Saved
Ch. 21 Praying for God’s Provision
Ch. 22 Praying for Protection
Ch. 23 Praying to Get Through Devastation
Ch. 24 Praying for Healing
Ch. 25 Praying for Others
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