Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where is Your Focus?

A study was done with two groups of basketball players of equal talent. One group was instructed to practice shooting baskets for so many hours. The other group was told to stay out of the gym, but to practice shooting baskets in their minds and making them. They were instructed to see themselves continually shooting basketballs and visualizing them going through the hoop.

When they played the next game, the players who had rehearsed shooting in their minds hit a higher percentage of their shots than the ones who actually practiced with basketballs! This experiment shows that what you focus on makes a difference in what happens.  

I’m convinced that whatever we focus on determines whether we are happy or miserable, whether we have faith or fear. When Moses sent the twelve spies into the Promised Land, they all saw the same land. However, ten spies were afraid because they focused on the giants in the land, while Joshua and Caleb had faith because they focused on the good land God had promised them (Num. 13:25-33). All twelve were in the same situation, but their difference was their focus.

Focusing on what’s good isn't a secular concept—it’s a biblical command. The apostle Paul told us to meditate with positive, uplifting thoughts: "Whatever is true…honorable…right… pure…lovely…admirable…let your mind dwell on these things" (Phil. 4:8).

We naturally see the giants in our situations. It takes the determination of Joshua and Caleb to focus on what’s good. Instead of thinking about every hurtful thing your enemy did to you, focus on one good thing about that person. Every time you see that person, think about that one good thing and nothing else. You will be surprised how your happiness will return and your enemy cannot torment you anymore.

Instead of only looking at the problems in your job or marriage, focus on something that’s good in your job and spouse. It’s easy to see your problems, but the blessings are also there—you just can’t see them because you’ve been focusing on the wrong things. You must continually look for what’s good if you want things to improve. See the basketball go through the hoop and making the winning shot.

Every day God sends you into the Promised Land and asks you to bring back a report on what you see. What will you report at the end of today?
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