Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breaking the Chains of the Past

The past doesn't exist anymore except in your memory. Although you can only live in the present, your mind can drift to another time and place--and you get stuck there!  You may be the only person in the entire world who is thinking about something that happened in your past, but you won't let it go. Three chains can bind a person to the past--guilt, regrets, and hurts.

1.To break the chain of GUILT, you must receive God's forgiveness.
To "receive" means to "take it for yourself." If I buy a gift and offer it to you, it's not yours until you take it. Jesus shed His blood to cleanse you, but you won't experience that cleansing until you receive it for yourself.  Acts 10:15 says, "What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy." When God cleanses you, you must change the way you view yourself. You must no longer consider yourself unholy! Guilt is a result of sinning and now that God has cleansed you, you must not condemn yourself any more.

2.To break the chain of REGRETS, you must accept your current situation. 
People have regrets because they received the consequences from a past mistake. How does God deal with our consequences?  He adopts the consequences from the past into His plan. Adoption is when someone voluntarily chooses to accept a person born outside of the family into the household. It's an act of love. When God saved you, He adopted you into His family (Rom. 8:15, Eph. 1:5). And when He adopted you, He also adopted all that came with you, including the consequences.  So you must now accept your current set of circumstances, understanding that God will accept you where you are right now and will lead you.

3.To break the chain of HURTS, you must forgive and let go.
Time doesn't heal wounds. It only makes you bitter. Forgiveness is the miracle cure that will heal your hurts from the past.  Forgiveness means to release the anger from your heart. Just like you can hold on to things with your hands, you can hold on to things with your spirit. "Letting go" means to release what you are holding on to with your spirit. Let go of whatever happened in the past on move on.

As you obey the three things mentioned above, you will break the chains from the past and you'll experience joy and freedom!  Are you chained or free?