Sunday, July 14, 2019

What If The Words You Say Come to Pass?

When George Foreman was a small boy, his father planted a seed of greatness in his mind about his future. His dad often raised George’s hands over his head as if I had just won a boxing match, and he’d shout, “George Foreman, heavyweight champion of the world! Stronger than Jack Johnson. Hits like Jack Dempsey!” (George Foreman, God in My Corner, p.116)

He planted an idea in his mind at 4 years old and continued saying it until he was a teenager. His words became reality. George became boxing's Heavyweight Champion of the World—twice!

When Gideon was hiding from the Midianites, an angel appeared and said, “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior” (Judges 6:12). Valiant warrior? He hadn’t even fought a battle yet! But that angel could see his future and planted the idea in his mind of what he would become. Gideon defeated the Midianites and led Israel as a judge for forty years. And it all began with declaring him to be a courageous warrior.

Parents can shape their children’s destinies by speaking encouraging words about what they can do, almost like a prophecy about their futures. Fathers who lived during the Old Testament days would bless their children concerning their futures. They believed their prophetic words would come to pass one day, which they did.

Don’t curse your children by saying, “You can’t do anything right.” Instead, speak words of blessing to them, “You’re going to do well in life. God has good plans for you!”

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