Sunday, November 11, 2018

Don't Let the Bear in Your Tent

A few years ago a man went camping in Glacier National Park in Montana. Campers should never take food into their tent because the smell attracts bears. This man caught some fish one evening and wanted to cook them for breakfast, so he brought them into his tent for the night. Sure enough, a bear smelled the fish, which invited it into the tent and mauled the man to death.

You don’t want to invite bears into your tent, and you don’t want to invite the devil into your life. Paul said, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Do not give the devil an opportunity” (Eph. 4:26-27). John Piper says, “Harbored anger is the only thing the Bible explicitly says opens a door and invites the devil in.” When you hold on to anger without resolving it, you’re opening a door and inviting Satan to attack you.

Peter Lord said, “More families have been destroyed by anger than alcohol.” We need to do everything possible to settle the situation that day. Something happens to us when we’re angry for more than a day. We push our anger down into the soil of our hearts, where it sits in darkness. This two-day-old anger then turns into the seed of unforgiveness. As we continue dwelling on it, it sprouts into the root of bitterness.

Someone told me, “A friend of mine keeps asking God to take away his anger but he doesn’t want to deal with the issues that are making him angry. He can’t figure out why he is still angry.” Is there an issue that’s making you angry that you need to settle? If you’ll fix your anger today, you’ll live tomorrow without turmoil.
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