Sunday, November 5, 2017

He Found WHAT in the Sewer?

Roy Parrino works in a sewer where he helps clean out 650 miles under Los Angeles. Parrino says, "You really have to psych your mind up for it. You're going into the filthiest environment there is. It's like being inside a big toilet."
On his first day at the job, Roy climbed out of the sewer holding a 2-carat topaz ring he had found. But that's not all. Parrino has found gold necklaces, bracelets, and even diamond rings while working in the sewer. When Roy goes into the sewer, he looks past the filth and searches for treasure.

Maybe you’re in a “sewer” right now—a disturbing workplace, an awkward relationship, or a stressful situation. It’s easy to see the sewage, but God wants you to look past the filth and search for treasure. Every situation contains both good and bad, and you can choose what you'll focus on. It’s easy to see what’s wrong but it takes determination to search for and find what’s good.

No matter where you work and what you own, you won’t be happy unless you have a positive attitude. First Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.” God wants us to be thankful in every situation, both good and bad, all day long.

So the next time you go down into the sewer, keep a positive attitude and start looking for the gold and diamonds buried there. God wants you to find them and be thankful in every situation.

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