Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lead Parts and Minor Roles

Kent and Barbara Hughes attended a school play in which their daughter Holly played the lead character. She charmed the audience with her incredible acting ability, and her parents proudly applauded her brilliant performance.

Immediately after Holly’s play ended, they watched their son’s Christmas play. Unlike his sister, Kent Jr. had a learning disability and was given a minor role with only four lines. He had a hard time memorizing his part and worked on it from Thanksgiving to Christmas. But he never said his lines correctly even one time.

Now Kent and Barbara sat nervously as the spotlight shone on their son, who still didn’t know his lines. After hesitating for an excruciating moment, Kent Jr. quoted his lines perfectly for the first time! Kent and Barbara were absolutely thrilled with his performance. Even though their son and daughter had vastly different levels of ability, they were equally pleasing to their parents. (Making Today Count for Eternity, pp. 53-54).

Jesus told a parable where a master gave his slaves money to manage. He gave one slave 5 talents (bags of money), another 2 talents, and another one talent, “each according to his ability” (Matt. 25:15). The 5-talent slave produced five talents, and the 2-talent slave made two more talents. They both received identical praise from the master because they both did their best. We all have differing abilities, but we can all be equally pleasing to God.

Don’t be envious of someone with greater abilities (“Why didn’t God give me 5 talents?”). If God gave you the abilities of a 2-talent person, use your God-given ability to the fullest. If you are a 5-talent person don’t say, “Why did God place so much responsibility on me? I wish I were a 2-talent person. He’s got it easy.” God doesn’t expect 2-talent people to produce 5 talents, and He's not pleased when 5-talent people only produce 2 talents. God is pleased when we faithfully use the abilities He has given us.

Do you have a lead part in life, or is it a minor role? Remember all the world is a stage and God is the only audience you need to please. Make the most of what He has given you.
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