Sunday, November 13, 2016

Start a Chain Reaction

Paul and Silas had been beaten with rods and thrown into prison for preaching about Jesus (Acts 16:22-26). Even though they were hurting and bleeding, they ignored their own pain and sang praises to God. In response to their praise, God sent an earthquake that opened the prison doors and unfastened everyone's chains. It's amazing what praising can do!

Their praise started a chain reaction. When we start praising God, our chains will react by falling off. Do you think God would have sent that supernatural earthquake to unlock their chains if they had been complaining about their situation? I don’t think so. But when the Lord heard them praise Him in the midst of their desperate situation, it moved Him to do something about it. It takes faith to praise God when you are going through the worst situation you’ve ever experienced.

Just as God was able to deliver them from their physical chains, He can set people free from their spiritual chains.

If the chains of self-hatred make you feel unloved, start praising God and your chains will fall off as you stop focusing on yourself and you experience His love.

If the chains of depression make you think life has no purpose, start praising God and that dark cloud will scatter as He shines His light into your soul.

If the chains of worry are robbing your joy, start praising God and your worry will vanish because it can't stand being around praise.

Praising God is a powerful force that can break the spiritual chains that bind you. Just like Paul and Silas, your praise can start a chain reaction and set you free. To read the entire PRINTED SERMON click here:When God Intervenes
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