Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Sure Cure for Worry!

By Kent Crockett

Do you feel hopeless about your future? Are you terrified that an economic collapse or some other tragedy will occur? Are you panicking because you think that you will never find the right person to marry? How is it possible to live in this uncertain world without worrying? The Sure Cure for Worry gives proof that you can trust God to guide and provide for you, even when the world appears to be out of control.

“The book you are holding in your hands will show you how you can trust God and how to keep from worrying.”  —George Foreman, former two-time heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist

“It is unlikely you will ever read the very important information in this book anywhere else.” —Peter Lord, bestselling author of Hearing God and The 2959 Plan

“Kent is a man of great passion for God. He lives what he writes.” —Jean Krisle Blasi, author of Prophetic Fishing and president, Kingdom Craftsman Ministries.
Available in Christian Bookstores and eBook formats.