Friday, June 14, 2013

Comparing Your Problems with Others

The following is a story from my book Slaying Your Giants:
According to legend, a Christian who was weary from carrying his cross passed through a small village. He noticed a sign in front of a store that read, "Crosses Traded Here." Thinking his load was unfair and his cross too heavy, he decided to enter the store. He was amazed to discover it was filled wall to wall with crosses. He told the owner, "My cross is really heavy and I’d like to trade it for a different one."

"Very well," the owner replied. "You can trade your cross for any one of these crosses carried by the saints throughout the ages. Choose the easiest one."

The man approached a stack of crosses, comparing them for size and comfort. He picked one up, but it was much heavier than his. He picked up the next cross and it was even heavier than the first. He moved to the next one, then the next, but they were all much heavier than his.

After going through the entire store, he finally came to the last cross and picked it up with ease. "I'll trade my cross for this one," the relieved man told the owner. "But sir," the owner replied, "that is the cross you carried in here!"

Do you think that your problems are too much to take? Your perspective will change if you’ll compare your situation with those who are going through difficulties much worse than yours. My wife and I were recently watching the news showing a foreign nation in chaos and people rioting in the streets. She turned to me and said, “We don’t have any problems!”  We often say that phrase to each other to keep the right perspective. Our problems are small when we see what others are going through.

Pray this: “Lord, I realize that my problem isn’t nearly as bad as it appears and it will turn out okay. I will continue to trust you because you will give me the power to get through it (Phil. 4:13).”

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