Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moses' Little Mistake

When Israel was in the wilderness, they had no water to drink. So the Lord commanded Moses to speak to a rock and water would come out of it. Instead of speaking to it, Moses took his staff and struck the rock twice, and water came out. Even though he wasn’t obedient, it still worked! (See Numbers 20:2-11). Because of his disobedience, the Lord told Moses and Aaron that they would not be leading the Israelites into the Promised Land because they didn’t trust God or treat Him as holy.  

It seemed like such a little mistake. At an earlier time, Moses had used his rod to hit a rock to bring forth water (Ex. 17:6), but this time God changed the method. Now instead of hitting it, God wanted him to simply speak to the rock to get water. 

Why did God ask him to speak to the rock rather than hit it? He wanted Moses to obey Him and not depend on a method. Just because it worked the last time that way doesn’t mean God wants us to keep doing it that way.

The amazing thing is hitting the rock still worked. Even though he disobeyed, the water gushed out. Just because something works doesn’t mean it’s right. Books make the bestseller lists and God has nothing to do with them. People can achieve great success without God’s blessing. The thing that matters most is obedience. 

Moses died in the wilderness because he wanted to keep doing what he was familiar with instead of obeying what God told him to do. Don’t make the same mistake. Do what the Lord says, even if it’s something as silly as talking to a rock.

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