Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Making Today Count for Eternity" is now available as eBook!

Making Today Count for Eternity
By Kent Crockett

What is the meaning of life? Your time on earth is just a test to determine what you'll be doing in your next life, after you die. In Making Today Count for Eternity you will find the answers to these questions:
  • How can I know that I'm going to heaven?

  • What will people be doing in heaven forever?

  • If God has forgiven all my sins, why will I have to stand before Him to be judged?

  • Is heaven going to be the same experience for everyone, or will some have it better than others?

  • Will people have to do "work" in heaven, and if so, will it be fun?

  • How will our minds and bodies be different in the next life than this life?

  • Will God repay me for the things I've done for Him during my life?

You can download this book on your Kindle http://www.kindle.com/ , Nook http://www.nook.com/ , iPad, or whatever eReader you may own.

To buy this book in paperback (new or used): www.amazon.com