Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Lose Your Perspective

In 1 Kings 19:1-4, the prophet Elijah received a message that King Ahab's wife Jezebel would kill him within 24 hours. Immediately he fled to the wilderness and asked God to take his life. By shifting all of his attention to his problem, Elijah's perspective was thrown totally out of whack. He got spiritual amnesia and forgot about all the miracles that the Lord had done through him, including raising a boy from the dead and calling down fire from heaven. In Elijah's mind, Jezebel now looked bigger than God!

During the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee had a shortage of soldiers and knew his army would be devastated if the Union forces discovered this weakness. Since he couldn't increase his number of soldiers, he decided to make his army larger than it actually was. He loaded his troops on trains and transported them to different places. At every train station, the same Confederate soldiers were unloaded from the trains. The Union spies believed that thousands of new troops were being added to the Rebel army. General Lee didn't make his army any larger, but was just using a psychological tactic to deceive the Union army. And it worked.

In the same way, Satan tries to make our problems appear larger than they really are. He puts them under a microscope and magnifies them, so that we can't see anything else. He does this so that we'll lose perspective and leave God out of the picture. And like Elijah, we quickly forget about God's faithfulness and all the good things He has done for us.

What makes you lose your perspective? When your favorite team loses? (I know that this is hard to believe, but it's only a game!) Do you lose your perspective by worrying about the future? Just remember that God exists in the future, is waiting for you there, and has good plans for His children.

So what happened to Elijah? Jezebel didn't kill him, so his fears were simply a lie to torment him. In fact, it was Jezebel and not Elijah who died the violent death (2 Kings 9:30-37). It's ironic that Elijah, who was afraid of being killed, never died. He was caught up into heaven alive (2 Kings 2:1, 9-11). If Elijah would have just remembered God's faithfulness in the past, and trusted in God's good plans for the future, he never would have lost his perspective.
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