Monday, September 27, 2010

The Animal School

A group of animals started a training school to increase their abilities. They offered courses in swimming, running, climbing, and flying.

The duck always wanted to run fast like the rabbit, so he signed up for running. He got frustrated because he kept tripping over his big webbed feet.
The rabbit wanted to fly like the hawk but nearly broke his leg when he jumped off the ledge.
The hawk wanted to climb like the squirrel but kept falling because he couldn't hold on to tree with his wings.
The squirrel wanted to swim like the duck but almost drowned because she couldn't kick with her little feet.
They all failed because they were trying to do things that God had not created them to do.

The Lord has things for you to do in this life, and He will give you the ability to fulfill your calling. When you are effectively operating in your spiritual gift, it will become "supernaturally natural" for you, like a duck swimming or squirrel climbing. But if you are trying to do something that God has not called or gifted you to do, you will feel as awkward as a rabbit trying to fly!

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