Sunday, August 1, 2010

Building a Better Nest

A buzzard and swan fell in love. Mr. Vulture, also known as Buzz, had never seen a bird as beautiful and as graceful as Swannie. And Swannie hadn't ever met any bird as rugged as Buzz. After a whirlwind courting relationship, Buzz and Swannie joined wings together and committed themselves to a lifetime of bliss.
They got into their first argument when they tried to build their new nest. Buzz was raised in a nest made with sticks high up in a tree, and that's how he wanted to build the nest. Swannie had grown up in a nest made of grass on the ground by the lake, and that's how she wanted to build the nest. When dinnertime drew near, Buzz flew over highways looking for roadkill, just like his father had raised him. His favorite meal was fillet of skunk. But Swannie loved fresh fish for supper, just like her mother had taught her. Their different tastes created even more arguments.

Buzz and Swannie decided to see a marriage counselor, so they visited with Mr. Owl, who was the wisest bird in the forest. Owl said, "The answer to your problem is obvious. The nests you grew up in each have something good to offer. Choose the best ideas from both nests and you will build a better nest than the one you grew up in."

Do you have conflicts in your marriage because you were each raised differently? You can build a better nest if you will sit down together and choose the best points of each nest. You might need to come to the realization that the way you were raised wasn't the best way to do things. Be humble and honest, and the Lord will help you build a better nest.
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