Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Being the #1 Fan

When Brett Favre was quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, he didn't have to wonder who was his #1 fan. It was 12 year-old David Witthoft. David wore the same Brett Favre football jersey every day for over 4 years!

For 1,581 straight days, Witthoft put on the Packers shirt to let everyone know the person he admired the most. When fellow students looked at David, they thought of Brett Favre.

When the Scripture tells us to "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" (Rom. 13:14), it's not talking about wearing a Christian T-shirt every day. It means that our behavior and attitudes should reflect God's love in such a way that when people observe us, they see Jesus Christ.

Whenever people treat you unfairly, you'll stay calm and pray for them. Instead of requiring others to meet your expectations, you'll joyfully serve them. That's how everyone will know you're His #1 fan.
Keep looking up!